Gravity explored

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Gravity is a confusing and intriguing phenomenon. Gravity is one of the most known forces which nobody knows about. It accelerates and gives a weight dimension to mass. Why? Is it really one mass pulling another mass? In fact when standing on Earth we are overwhelmed with gravity. The moon, the sun and even the centre of the universe is pulling with gravity. We think gravity is caused by mass “One mass is pulling on another mass”. But, is it? Consider reading this “open minded” Could it be that mass doesn’t pull? What if mass creates acceleration in itself. We wouldn’t feel the difference.  

This theory is purely hypothetical and not scientifically proven.
It  describes a path how "external gravity-potential-fields" change the internal equilibrium between Coulomb force as centripetal  force in equilibrium with the centrifugal force to generate "acceleration or impulse" better known  as gravity.
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