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Kepler's Law

Gravity explored

Coulombs Law

It is possible to construct a value for r when combining Kepler’s law of planetary motion with Coulomb’s law.  This is visualized as followed.

F.e, on Earth, the field strength caused by gravity is building up external pressure (б-)on the atom. This field strength is known as acceleration or gravity (9.81 m/s^2). The field strength(force) is complementary with Coulomb force, (vector). So the force acting in direction of the proton is FC+ б-  the external gravity influence is only applicable for the small diameter (cross-section of the atom). So б-  = g*surface area of the electron cloud. A representative value for rmin and rmax can be constructed when taking a cross-section of the electron cloud.    ( See graph Kepler’s Law above). Two points of interest are Rmin and Rmax. At Rmin the reacting coulomb force has a maximum value.  And at Rmax the coulomb force will reach a minimum.
So with this relation in mind we are looking for the maximum and the minimum value of Coulomb force in this system. In Earth’s gravity field the deviation in force between one side to the other side can be described with the gravity operator. This way it is possible to construct the two points of interest Rmin and Rmax.

re is the radius at equilibrium for the atom. With this radius it is possible to indicate how the gravity field strength is divided on each half of the cross-section of the atom.

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