Tie Graph - Gravity explored

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Tie Graph

Whith the assumption that the distance between the proton and the electron is changing, we can imagen that the amount of coulomb force within in the atom and the amount of centrifugal force of the atom will deviate both on a different way in relation to a change in the radius caused by an external influence. This can be explained with the “Tie” graph.

Under influence of an changing gravityfield, the equilibrium in the atom will be influenced. In this example, an decrease in gravity, the change in amount of Coulomb energy (blue) is different from the change in amount of centrifugal force(in red).
The difference between the centrifugal force and Coulombforce has the same size as the change caused by gravity deviation. A new equilibrium is developed. How the interaction in a changing gravity field occurs is visualized in next graph.

In the Tie graph we see the function 1/r^2 and 1/r . These lines correspond with the radius function in coulombs law and the centrifugal force.
What we see is that with decreasing radius the coulomb force  increases and the centrifugal force can not match this. To create a new equilibrium the speed of the electron changes an such a way that the centrifugal force equals the centripetal force (Coulombforce) again. This means with reducing radius, kinetic energy (impuls) is interchangeable with the coulomb energy (charge between particles)

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