Tie Graph - Gravity explored

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Tie Graph

Gravity explored
Whith the assumption that the distance between the proton and the electron is changing, we can imagen that the amount of coulomb force within in the atom and the amount of centrifugal force of the atom will deviate both on a different way.
This can be explained with the “Tie” graph.

Within a gravityfield, the equilibrium in the atom will be influenced. In this example, a decrease in gravity, causes a change in distance between proton and electron from r to r1. the change in Coulomb energy (blue) is different from the change in centrifugal force(in red). The centrifugal force is adapting to the inbalance by changing speed of the electron (Newton 's inverse square law/Kepler 's laws)
The difference between the centrifugal force and Coulombforce is the same size as the change caused by gravity deviation.

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